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Richard Gottlieb and Carol Levin ran Sunnyside Solar for over thirty years from their home in Guilford, Vermont. They sold their first PV panel in 1983, and have helped thousands learn about solar, either as students, installers or customers.


Joseph and Rosemary Mangum have continued that legacy since having the torch passed to them in 2015.


Joseph comes with a background of not only sustainable agriculture but of renewable energy and intentional sustainable building. Rosemary is a community ambassador and fighter for a healthy planet. Together they hope to make as much an impact for the better, not only for their own son but for the future generations of ALL children.


Our approach to solar power is quite simple:
Design by Need, Not Greed


We are committed to sustainable energy that leaves our air, water, mountains and forests intact and prevent as much wastefulness as we can.


Located in Guilford once again, we thank you for choosing locally