About Us
Our Experience in Making Earth a Better Planet

We are not only experienced in design and building of solar panel systems but of sustainability and energy awareness first. Properly sized systems have the best return on investment.

We listen to your needs. You may have a big budget and our competitors would love to have you line up with upcharges waiting… but here at Sunnyside Solar what you need is what we build. This usually leads to substantially lower costs as many of our customers can attest!

Who We Are
A Family Owned Business

We are a family company. We tend raspberry bushes and turnips. We hope to make as much an impact for the better, not only for our own child but for the future generations of ALL children. We are committed to energy sources that leave our air, water, mountains and forests intact and prevent as much wastefulness as we can. That all 3 owners through the years have maintained homesteads should speak volumes.

After 4 years of being located in the “Barn” next to Chelsea Royal, Sunnyside Solar relocated to Guilford, VT Joseph and Rosemary Mangum have successfully carried on the legacy of Sunnyside Solar on a homestead of course.


Sunnyside Solar was founded by solar pioneers Richard Gottlieb and Carol Levin. The torch has been passed a few times but the mission has never changed. For nearly 40 years Sunnyside Solar has provided not only Vermont but New England and beyond, SOLAR FREEDOM

How We’re Changing Solar

Aware of the most effective solar and renewable energy technology.

We design by need, not greed

We're trained and experienced in sustainability and energy awareness.