Solar Services

We design and build 3 common types of solar-electric systems, each has distinct applications and component needs: Grid-tied, Grid-tied + Battery Backup, and Off-grid. Read about each of our services below.


Grid-tied systems generate solar electricity and sell it back to the utility company, offsetting a home’s or business’ electrical consumption. In some instances even turning the electric meter backwards.

Living with a grid-connected solar-electric system is no different from living with grid power, except that some or all of the electricity you use comes from the sun. This means that in a utility outage you would be out of power as well.

Grid-Tied + Battery

You’d be in the dark without a battery bank or generator backup for your grid-tied system when a blackout occurs. That’s why many homeowners opt for a grid-tied system with battery backup.

Incorporating batteries into the system requires more components, is more expensive, but for many homeowners who regularly experience utility outages or have critical electrical loads, having a backup energy source is priceless.

Off-Grid System

Commonly used in remote locations without utility access but, these work anywhere you want to put them. Off-grid operates independently from the grid to provide all of a household’s electricity needs. That means no electric bills and no blackouts.

People choose to live off-grid for a variety of reasons. Avoiding high costs of raising utility lines, an independent lifestyle, or the general reliability a solar-electric system provides.

Be prepared to shift your electricity usage habits to accommodate your system’s limitations.

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Other Options


Similar to an off-grid system but much smaller in scale. This off-grid hybrid takes only critical circuits such as a well pumps, lighting etc off the main load. While you won’t receive credits like a Grid-Tied system you won’t use electricity from the utility. Never worry about a utility outage again.

Solar Generator

Imagine a portable solar panel system. Thats what you have here. Extremely effective in disaster recovery, customers have found myriad uses for them locally. One of our customers in Putney even built a Barn with one powering all of his tools!!!